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Natural Pet Care Market Projected To Nearly Double By 2012

Consumer food trends recently have shown increased awareness about the dangers of highly processed food products. After the pet food fiasco not too long ago, pet owners are also showing concern about what they put into the bowls of their furry friends. A new report from Packaged facts shows that sales of natural pet food products will significantly increase over the next hew years.

MediaPost Publications – Natural Pet Care Market Projected To Nearly Double By 2012 – 10/01/2007

THOUSANDS OF PETS BECAME ILL and even died earlier this year as a result of melamine-tainted food ingredients that were sourced from China and resulted in a massive pet food recall. Although the events were tragic, the upside is that pet owners everywhere are paying closer attention to the ingredients and manufacturing of the food they feed their four-legged friends.

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2 Responses

  1. We must be careful not to confuse the term Natural with Safe. We must know where these new naturals are coming from, if they contain imported ingredients, and if the over-all-product is actually as healthy as we are being lead to believe it is. With some products, some consumers have already found problems. And the all natural Natural Balance pet food was included in a recall. Consumers must demand full disclosure about products and their ingredients as well as origins. And MADE IN THE USA is more important than it has ever been in the past.

  2. Petsourceusa says:

    I do agree with Neil. There is a difference between natural and safe. Not all natural foods are safe also there are ingredients that dogs need that may not be present. Talk to a vet before switching your dogs diet. A vet can reccommend a diet and supplements that can fit your concerns and keep your pet safe. Safe food handling practices for your pet are just as relavent as they are to you. Buy US made pet food if possible. The FDA does regulate how it is made.

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