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Companies Try to Score With Athletes Who Blog

As celebrities and star athletes take to blogging, the public gets more than their canned answers and the products they endorse get more trouble than they bargained for. While celebrities and athletes can sell product, it can turn into a PR nightmare if the endorser doesn’t truly believe in the product. Some are referring to it as the “foot-in-mouth” epidemic.

Companies Try to Score With Athletes Who Blog –

Last month executives at shoemaker Adidas AG got a shock when they read the latest blog entry from their star endorser, pro basketball player Gilbert Arenas. He had seen the design of his second Adidas signature shoe — which had yet to be revealed to the public — and he wasn’t impressed.

“I’m sitting there looking at the shoe like ‘I hope you guys aren’t serious. Because I’m not going to wear this shoe. … Nobody is going to wear this shoe,” said the blog post from the Washington Wizards guard. He said parts of it reminded him of a “ballerina.”

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