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Tailoring Messages to a New Audience: Wrinkled Baby Boomers

After decades of ardor for young consumers, marketers are looking for
ways to reach older audiences as the baby boomers reach the upper age


Tailoring Messages to a New Audience: Wrinkled Baby Boomers – New York Times
YOUNG LOVE,” the longtime siren song of Madison Avenue, is being remixed as marketers increasingly turn their attention to consumers born when “45” meant music rather than the number after 44 and “Apple” meant fruit.

The ardor for younger consumers has lasted for decades, fueled by
perceptions of them as being more likely to try new products and change
brands and to spend almost every penny they make. Older consumers, by
contrast, were less desirable because they were deemed to be shoppers
with entrenched habits who lived sedentary, frugal lives.

arrival of the baby boomers — the 76 million Americans born from 1946
to 1964 — into the upper age brackets is the leading reason for the
shift in opinions about older consumers. Free-spending boomers think
young, to quote from a Pepsi-Cola slogan of their era, regardless of how old they actually are.


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