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Nestle, Pepsi and Coke Face Their Waterloo

The bottled water industry is getting a little worried these days. Americans are realizing the amount of resources used in producing the bottles and the amount of waste they create. Instead of purchasing individual bottles, more people are purchasing reusable bottles to carry around with them. Sales in the bottled water category have already begun to slow.

Nestle, Pepsi and Coke Face Their Waterloo – Advertising Age – News

NEW YORK ( — When Robert Rheaume met with retail buyers last year, his $20 Sigg aluminum water bottles were a tough sell. After all, the market was limited mainly to hikers and campers, many of whom were already devoted to Nalgene’s $10 plastic version. But after this summer’s deluge of headlines about the environmental impact of plastic water bottles, he’s got more buyers than he even wants.

“Now the same people that were blowing me off a year ago are calling me and saying, ‘OK, I get it. How can I get onboard?'” Mr. Rheaume said.

Sigg — which has the added bonus of not being made in China — has been approached by several mass-market retailers in recent months as the once-booming $16 billion bottled-water industry, dominated by industry giants such as Nestlé, Coke and Pepsi, comes under siege.

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