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Scent Noses Its Way Into More Ad Efforts

Traditional advertising is no longer enough to get the attention of consumers. In a attempt to lure consumers marketers are trying to catch their attention through sight, sound, and now smell. Scents have been coming out of magazines for as long as I can remember, but now you can run into scent marketing in grocery stores and department stores.

Scent Noses Its Way Into More Ad Efforts –

Starting today, pedestrians on the crowded sidewalks adjacent to Bloomingdale’s New York flagship store may notice a certain fragrance in the air. It won’t be their imagination: to promote Donna Karan’s new perfume DKNY Delicious Night, the retailer will be spraying it into the air.

The effort is an extreme example of a broader marketing trend. After years of bombarding consumers with ads aimed at their eyes and their ears, advertisers are focusing more on the nose — with ads that rely on smell to get attention. Spraying a fragrance into the air isn’t practical for most advertisers. Instead, a growing array of companies — including food and beverage makers and even TV networks — are adopting a technique once reserved for perfume companies: sniff ads in magazines.

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