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In Paris, Bluetooth Guide Maps, Oui!

In Paris they’re using Bluetooth to offer “maps and updated what’s-on guides beamed from 20 of the city’s self-hire bike stations, which have been all the rage since they were installed in July”. Part of that is to “test the public’s ability to use Bluetooth and their appetite for such ‘take-away’ information”, but it could also get people used to the idea of getting things via Bluetooth.

Great use and application of the technology.

Why? Offers real value that the right target audience would stop and spend the time to make it work.

In my opinion, Bluetooth marketing, otherwise known as “Proximity Marketing” is only suited to certain situations to take of in a way that will benefit the end user.

Bluetooth isn’t a silver bullet and is definitely a channel specific technology solution.

Alternative OOH Events, On premise, and entertainment retail stores are ideal for this type of technology. The application for bluetooth could be much larger, as they can offer money-off coupons as image push, or advertise the latest albums and dvd offers with video and audio clips to get the users attention.

However, the user experience is still too cumbersome, unless you are sitting in a bar, waiting for a train or it provides content you just HAVE TO HAVE (of course if you are a 18-24 yr old that might be most anything and not an issue 🙂

Gaming DEMO’s would be a HUGE opportunity…

I believe that using Bluetooth to send snippets (mini-versions) of games as a trial vehicle

Set-up a node outside the theater box office next summer while the Generation xboxers and Millenials line up to wait to get into to see the Hulk 2 or Spiderman 4, Batman Dark Knight etc etc…. they receive a mobile version of the game to play while camping out…. (only available at that movie chain and only within 300 ft of the boxoffice!)

Success to date has been in transferring large files (typically advanced music releases MP3, hot movie release video trailers or exclusive ringtones…. quid pro quo is the rule of thumb. If the offer is “cool'” enough baby boomers will participate as well.

Time, “cool” and user experience are the key currencies.

The caveat using Bluetooth to communicate an offer (content of any sort: image, music, video) is that you have to make it “discoverable” (turn it on, within range) to get the content. This is different from having your device “paired” (which is an exclusive connection with your headset).

FYI, Bluetooth and Blackberry ARE NOT FRIENDS. Very hard to make that work (has to be paired, which means you need your password, which means corporate blackberry users won’t engage with the promotion. That target audience might have another phone but don’t count on it… so it is something you should know.

Stay tuned because it will continue to change and evolve as companies continue to try to find ways to use technology to activate consumer’s where the communication is most relevant…
Written by pricepoints (randy price)



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  1. Straightthroughtheforks says:

    Does anyone know any companies who specialize in customization of programs using blue tooth on a Cell Phone?

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