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Consumers’ Green Fatigue Due to Lack of Awareness, Economic Worries

A new survey from Energy Pulse 2007 reports that respondents are 16% less likely to buy an energy efficient home product this year than they said they were last year. The suggested reasons for this decline include the fallout of the sub-prime mortgage loan scandal and the bombardment of green-friendly marketing messages. The report did also find that 54% of respondents were likely to to very likely to participate in a green power program. The results of this survey still points to the fact that consumers are only willing to be green if it helps them financially.

GreenBiz News | Consumers’ Green Fatigue Due to Lack of Awareness, Economic Worries: Survey

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 10, 2007 — The economy may be having its way with the burgeoning green economy: as consumers’ fears about slowdowns in the housing and other sectors increase, their willingness to pay a perceived premium for environmentally friendly or energy efficient products is on the decline.

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