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Double Trouble: Twin Skateboarding Sensations

These skateboarding twins are a big hit with tweens. Big companies are taking notice and hoping to grab the up-and-comers before they get too hot.

Making sure a brand’s spokesperson or endorsee is right for the brand and the target consumers is really important. If consumers think it’s a forced or forged partnership the brand will surely feel the effect.


ABC News: Skateboarding’s Stars: 9-Year-Old Twins
Skateboarding is all about big moves, big risks and big air. But one thing you will notice about some of the extreme sport’s newest big stars is that they’re not very big at all. In fact, they’re 9 years old.

Occasionally 9-year-old twins Nic and Tristan Puehse behave like your
average kids, but of course your average kids are not backed by some of
the world’s most recognizable companies, including Sony, Gatorade and

Nic and Tristan aren’t sure why all these companies sponsor
them. The “why” has everything to do with the booming sport of
skateboarding and the booming $5 billion business of skateboarding. One
market research firm estimates about 12 million American teens now
skateboard; that’s more than play baseball.


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