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The New Advertising Outlet: Your Life

But many large marketers are taking huge chunks of money out of
their budgets for traditional media and using the funds to develop new,
more direct interactions with consumers — not only on the Internet, but
also through in-person events. Adventurous companies like Nike
have been experimenting with these alternatives since the 1990s. But
now, even the most conventional marketers are making these alternatives
a permanent — and ever bigger — part of their advertising budgets.


The New Advertising Outlet: Your Life – New York Times
STEVE SAENZ used to run a 10K race in 36 minutes. But last spring — 20 years, 2 children and 50 pounds later — he found himself seriously out of shape. A new Web site from Nike, he says, has brought him back on track.

Since April, Mr. Saenz, 53, has been running with a Nike+, a small sensor in his running shoes that tracks his progress on an Apple iPod he carries. After each run near his home in Louisville, Ky., he docks the iPod
into his computer and posts details of his run on the Nike+ Web site.
There, he has made friends with other runners around the world who post
running routes, meet up in the real world and encourage one another on
the site.

Nike’s famous swoosh is there all along. For Nike, this is advertising.

a very different way to connect with consumers,” says Trevor Edwards,
Nike’s corporate vice president for global brand and category
management. “People are coming into it on average three times a week.
So we’re not having to go to them.”


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