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Timberland Ups Green Ante, Offsets Campaign’s Carbon Footprint

Timberland is a company that has made huge efforts to be an environmental leader in the world of clothing and accessories. The company claims that sustainability os part of their DNA. A new product that they are launching – Earthkeepers boots – will be promoted via a new marketing campaign. The new boots are are made partly from recycled materials – which brought an advertising challenge to the company. How do they market a sustainable product in a fully responsible way? Well, in a number of creative ways… 1 – offset the production of the commercials, and 2 – after the OOH billboards come down, send the vinyl for repurposing into tote bags that will be sold at retail.

I think its an interesting approach, and I hope others follow suit. Its important to think about what happens to the materials from an ad campaign once its over.

MediaPost Publications – Timberland Ups Green Ante, Offsets Campaign’s Carbon Footprint – 10/22/2007

AFTER A LONG ABSENCE FROM TV advertising, Timberland is back on the air, with 30-second spots for its new Earthkeepers boots, made partly from recycled materials. The ads, which will run through December in the New England region, represent what the Stratham, N.H., marketer believes is a first: It has estimated the carbon-dioxide emissions associated with the energy used to broadcast the ad, offsetting them with a wind farm in western Massachusetts.

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