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MySpace Seeks to Create A Destination for Games

MySpace will feature free, easy-to-play titles from Oberon Media. Given that MySpace allows user-generated items like layouts, content tables and more, what do you think the likelihood that they will open up gaming to developers? Additionally, do you think MySpace will open their games up to advertisers and marketers? After all, you can be “friends” with brands on the social networking site…


MySpace Seeks to Create A Destination for Games –
MySpace, already a leading online provider of music and video, is beefing up its presence in another sector of entertainment — games — through a deal with Oberon Media Inc.

The online social network, a unit of News Corp., on Tuesday announced a plan to create a destination for games on the site through a deal with New York-based Oberon, a closely held company that distributes games to a variety of high-profile online partners. The games section on MySpace, due to be launched in January, will feature hundreds of free “casual” games — easy-to-play titles that are part of the fastest growing sector of the games industry.


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  1. Abby says:

    Looks pretty cool, but it reminds of what is already doing. They just relaunched their site about a month ago and they offer free “casual” games too- and give away a bunch of prizes and money.

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