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Kids Eating Same Things For Breakfast 20 Years On

The NPD Group study may seem a simple one, but its implications for food and
beverage marketers are strong. “Most of the foods eaten in this country are
introduced to us by the age of five,” NPD’s Harry Balzer says, “and we spend the
rest of our lives looking for variations of them.”


MediaPost Publications – Kids Eating Same Things For Breakfast 20 Years On – 10/29/2007
THE BRANDS MAY DIFFER, BUT what Grandma fed her children for breakfast is determining what today’s young children find on their plates each morning. And, predicts food guru Harry Balzer, the children of today’s tots will find more of the same 20 years hence.

“What’s amazing to me is that I can tell you what kids will be eating for breakfast in 2027,” says Blazer, vice president of The NPD Group and author of its annual Eating Patterns in America report, which studied breakfasts served to children under six over the past 20 years.


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