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Laundry Products To Make Tiny Gains In Coming Years

We hear a lot of talk about the race to manufacture the most environmentally friendly laundry detergent. But, we also need to consider all the other environmentally unfriendly aspects that go along with washing clothes – like water and energy use. However, despite these very concerning issues analysts predict that sales of laundry -care products, especially the concentrated liquids, will continue to increase.

MediaPost Publications – Laundry Products To Make Tiny Gains In Coming Years – 11/01/2007

IT’S A TOUGH TIME TO be a laundry detergent. Environmentalists are encouraging people to wear clothes longer before tossing them in the hamper and offering easy recipes for homemade detergents. The government wants consumers to lower their energy bills by using their washing machines less often. And now, a brand new report from Packaged Facts says that the growing trend of telecommuting, with so many people toiling in their unwashed jammies, may be about to throw yet another wrench into the spin cycle.

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