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More U.S. millionaires are middle-class

According to a new report, the number of American with $1 to $10 million is up to 8.4 million households, about 7.6% of total U.S. households. But instead of entering the echelons of the elite, these
new millionaires adhere to middle-class values, earning their
money rather than inheriting it, working 70 hours a week, and
choosing neighborhoods based on the quality of schools.


More U.S. millionaires are middle-class – Yahoo! News
NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – Sitting on a million but still middle-class? New research has found that more and more Americans worth at least $1 million want luxury goods such as yachts but otherwise lead family-focused, work-oriented lives.

Private wealth specialists Lewis Schiff and Russ Alan
Prince found the number of Americans with $1 million to $10
million had risen to 8.4 million households — or 7.6 percent
of U.S. households — and was growing at 15 percent a year.


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