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The Boomer Balancing Act

Retailers say new looks for middle-age women are both youthful and mature.


The Boomer Balancing Act –
Retailers are once again trying to target one of fashion’s most elusive markets: middle-age women who don’t want to dress like middle-age women.

Overtly courting the roughly 40 million baby-boomer
women, born between 1946 and 1964, can be difficult for retailers.
These women spend more than previous generations did at their age. Many
of them view themselves as youthful. Defunct chains like Gap’s Forth
& Towne stores and Gymboree’s Janesville failed, in part, because
many people didn’t want to shop in stores that were labeled for older

But several retailers are plunging in afresh. Macy’s
Inc.’s Bloomingdale’s chain is rolling out a new department called
Quotation, which sells casual clothes aimed at 35- to 50-year-old
urbane moms and professional women. The idea is that by pitching to
boomers as well as younger women, Quotation will have a hip vibe that
will appeal to a broad cross section. Each department is positioned
next to contemporary labels like Juicy Couture, which are favored by
women in their 20s, and has a diverse range of separates.


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