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Facebook Unveils Three-Part Ad Plan

The new plan to add ads to Facebook has been all over the news feeds today. I figured we may as well touch on it also since everyone talks about tapping into the social networks. The plan has 3 parts…

1 – brand pages that Facebook users can add as friends

2 – brands will be able to mine user data to learn about Facebook users. This is all the sought after info that we are always looking for i.e. their interests and behaviors.

3 – advertisers will be able to track and analyze click through behavior and user interaction with various pages.

I have mixed feelings about this considering I am both a Facebook user and a marketer. These features seem great for research, but as I user I feel a little used and abused.


Facebook Unveils Three-Part Ad Plan – Media Buyer Planner

The model was dubbed “social advertising” and is a combination of three components, using member relationships to facilitate word-of-mouth marketing, reports The New York Times (via MarketingVOX).

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