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The Consumer Lab is the consumer insights and brand strategy group at Alcone Marketing Group, a consumer activation company.

Research Is The Backbone Of Sponsorships

Put your money in the research…
When a sponsorship is proposed, there is often a need to prove why it will have the greatest reach to the consumers a brand is targeting. Companies are spending big bucks to ensure that they are putting their marketing dollars to the best use.

MediaPost Publications – Research Is The Backbone Of Sponsorships

– 11/12/2007

EVER WONDER HOW COMPANIES MAKE multimillion-dollar decisions on buying sponsorships? For most, it’s actually a lot like buying a house. Why does a primary sponsorship on a Nascar team cost close to $20 million today when it cost half that less than 10 years ago? Mainly for the same reasons that a condo in New York costs $2 million now vs. $1 million a few years ago. Because that’s how much you can get for it.

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