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Skateboarding Rolls Out of the Suburbs

Skateboarding has gained mainstream appeal in recent years. Skateboarders, once seen as a counterculture, are now some of the coolest kids out there. You could likely point the growth in popularity to the ESPN X Games, the explosion of the Tony Hawk brand as well as MTV reality shows featuring up and coming skaters.
The face of the skater is changing. Those closely watching the industry have pointed out that skaters are no longer just suburban white kids, but has now become more diverse.

Skateboarding Rolls Out of the Suburbs – New York Times

IT was late afternoon when the young skaters gathered in front of the Brooklyn Museum on Eastern Parkway. Weaving among the commuters who trudged from a nearby subway station, the skaters hurdled steps, slid along curbs and kick-flipped their boards into the air. With a few exceptions, their performances fell somewhere between outright beginner and advanced novice. But it wasn’t their ability or the lack of it that made this group notable, it was the composition: most of the skaters were black.

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