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Is Black Friday Becoming Consumers’ Favorite Holiday?

The brick-and-mortar retailers that benefited most from the week’s searches are
Wal-Mart, Sears and Best Buy. (In the comparable week last year, Best Buy,
Circuit City and Sears were among offline brands to receive the most traffic
from Black Friday Web sites.) remained the most-visited Web site last
week, with 11% of visits; Wal-Mart came in second with 6%


MediaPost Publications – Is Black Friday Becoming Consumers’ Favorite Holiday? – 11/19/2007
MORE EVIDENCE THAT BLACK FRIDAY is infecting consumers earlier each year: A new survey from Hitwise says online traffic to Black Friday advertising Web sites increased by 52% for the week ending Nov. 10, compared to the comparable week a year ago.

And Halloween better watch its back–because at this rate, Black Friday will become America’s new favorite holiday. Searches on the term “Black Friday ads” are up 91% compared to last year and have increased 954% since 2005. (In 2006, those searches increased 452% from 2005.)


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