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Making Social Connections and Selling Cookies

Pepperidge Farm is creating a Web site devoted to social networking and
targeted at women who are looking to improve their social lives.


Making Social Connections and Selling Cookies – New York Times
FOR decades, Nabisco has sold cookies called Social Tea and crackers called Sociables. Now a competitor, Pepperidge Farm, is going all social, too, by entering the increasingly popular field known as social media with a Web site devoted to social networking.

Pepperidge Farm, owned by the Campbell Soup Company, is introducing a campaign with the theme “Connecting through cookies.” The centerpiece of the campaign is the Web site,, which is meant to help women — the target audience for Pepperidge Farm — improve their social lives.

friendships with our girlfriends make our lives so much richer,”
proclaims a section of the home page of the Web site. “Visit our new
section about keeping those connections strong.”


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