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The Consumer Lab is the consumer insights and brand strategy group at Alcone Marketing Group, a consumer activation company.

Black Friday Numbers Jingle Retailers’ Holiday Bells

Next, all eyes are focusing on what happens today, as CyberMonday assumes more
and more importance each year. comScore, Inc. is predicting today’s spending
will pass $700 million, making it the biggest spending day in online commerce


MediaPost Publications – Black Friday Numbers Jingle Retailers’ Holiday Bells – 11/26/2007
WHILE IT’S TOO SOON TO say how the holiday retail season will shape up, shoppers certainly started it out with enthusiasm, with long lines and mall mob scenes generating headlines around the country.

But while shoppers get gold stars for attendance, spending is a little soft. The National Retail Federation (NRF) spent the long Thanksgiving weekend crunching numbers–and reports that while shopping traffic was up 4.8% compared to last year, the 147 million brave American shoppers spent about $347.44, down 3.5% from last year. (Men outspent women, $393.63 to $303.95.)

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