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Jolly and Green, With an Agenda

The holidays have always been an emotionally combustible time for
families, bringing together a sometimes volatile mix of siblings,
crotchety grandparents and ill-behaved children. But in recent years, a
new figure has joined the celebration, to complicate the proceedings
even further: the green evangelist of the family — the impassioned
activist bent on eradicating the wasteful materialism of the holidays.


Jolly and Green, With an Agenda – New York Times
LAST Christmas, Donna Hoffman, an ardent environmentalist who lives in Austin, Tex., came up with an unlikely gift for each member of her family: an energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulb.

“I wanted to connect through the gift-giving tradition,” said Ms. Hoffman, 45, who works as a coordinator for the Sierra Club. “I also wanted to communicate my own deeply-felt environmental conviction.”

In particular, Ms. Hoffman said, she hoped to make a point to her
sister, Cynda Reznicek, who works for a construction company that
builds “a lot of nasty, old-style fossil fuel-related stuff,” including
highways and coal-fired electricity plants.

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