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Puppy love knows no economic boundaries

U.S. retail sales may be weak, energy prices way up and housing prices way down,
but pets rule at the holidays–especially dogs–and that’s helping to keep many
retailers’ registers ringing. Caring owners are not likely to stiff their
beloved animals for the holidays, experts say.

Fifty-six percent of dog
owners and 42% of cat owners bought holiday gifts for their pets last year,
according to a survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.
Overall, Americans are expected to spend an estimated $48.7 billion on their
pets in 2007, nearly twice the amount of a decade ago and growing at more than
7% a year, according to Packaged Facts.

High-end, luxury items are
increasingly popular. A prospective pet pamperer can find everything from
organic cookies and doggie basketball jerseys and jackets to $70 treat jars,
$399 temperature-controlled pet carriers and $499 cashmere pet beds.


Puppy love knows no economic boundaries – Holiday retail-
CHICAGO – Coco’s Christmas was doggone good last year.

The 5-year-old Shih Tzu got a stocking full of treats and found a pink wool sweater, pink mohair sweater, black fur-trimmed parka and hiking boots waiting under the tree last December. This year, her owner is eyeing a $120 set of pearls with a sterling silver bone clasp along with plenty of edible goodies for the pooch who has almost everything.

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