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‘Family Man’ Position In Men’s Market Is Eroding

A Packaged Facts study suggests that, even though women control family purchases
of a range of products, single and divorced men might be the real demographic
growth market, especially for discretionary products around style, gadgets and
feel-good foods.


MediaPost Publications – ‘Family Man’ Position In Men’s Market Is Eroding – 11/27/2007
FORGET MARKETING TO MARRIED GUYS; pitch single men. That might seem like irrelevant advice to marketers who have lately focused on the hands holding the family purse strings: marketers pitching everything from peanut butter to Nascar have been targeting women more and more in recent years–both as an effort to grow their share of female loyalists and as a way to reach the rest of the family through their purchases.

Nascar’s deal with Kroger’s network of supermarkets in more than 30 states reflects that tactic, as does Chrysler’s advertising and marketing around its new Town and Country minivan, using Nickelodeon characters like Jimmy Neutron and Sponge Bob Square Pants.


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