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Poll: Economy To Stifle The Season’s Do-Gooderism

While Americans love to give gifts with soul, the Cone Holiday Trend Tracker
finds that the rising cost of energy and housing is impacting this desire in a
big way. The percentages of people who will donate or purchase from a retailer
supporting a cause are way down from last year. Even the spirit of volunteerism
took a hit, with just 25% planning to volunteer, down from 49% last year.


MediaPost Publications – Poll: Economy To Stifle The Season’s Do-Gooderism – 11/27/2007
DON’T LET ALL THE CLAWING and scratching in Best Buy and Wal-Mart parking lots fool you: A new survey says that Americans are keen to give gifts with a soul this year.

Cone, a cause-related branding company based in Boston, reports that 77% of shoppers say they would prefer to select a brand that supports a cause, all things being equal. And 49% say they will go out of their way to find such gifts, reports the 2007 Cone Holiday Trend Tracker, its annual survey of cause-related holiday purchasing attitudes and behavior. About 67% say they believe cause-related shopping makes a difference, and 57% are willing to pay more for a holiday gift tied to a cause. So far, 42% have already purchased or plan to purchase a holiday gift that supports a cause this year, down from 51% last year.


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