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All I Want for Christmas Is a Compost Bin

Eco-friendly retailers are touting ‘Green’ holiday presents, carbon-offset gift certificates and other environmentally friendly gifts. While it’s difficult to track the sales of all so-called green or eco-friendly goods, demand for more energy-efficient appliances has grown recently, as have purchases of organic products.


All I Want for Christmas Is a Compost Bin –
Are soy candles and spinning composters on your holiday list this year? A bevy of so-called green retailers are hoping so.

With so much public attention on climate change and sky-high oil prices, these retailers are pitching energy-saving or recycled items that haven’t traditionally been on most people’s wish lists — a low-energy desk lamp, for example. And while many retailers have boasted luxury wrapping in past years, companies are this year proffering natural and biodegradable packaging — or none at all.


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