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Who Invited the Dog?

The boundaries between humans and animals have been eaten away to the
point where devoted owners lose all perspective on the pet’s role in
their social lives.


Who Invited the Dog? – New York Times
IT was a dark and stormy night — actually four stormy nights — when Jayme Otto, 31, and her husband, Ryan Otto, 33, drove 1,200 miles from their home in Boulder, Colo., to her parents’ house in Cleveland for Christmas.

“We traveled all this way to bring our yellow Labrador, Cody Bear,
home to spend time with his grandparents,” Ms. Otto said,
“grandparents” being dog-person-speak for her parents.

wanting Cody Bear “to participate in his favorite yearly activity of
unwrapping gifts and destroying all the boxes,” as Ms. Otto put it,
they wanted the dog to meet her brother’s fiancée.

But on Christmas morning, a commotion ensued: the fiancée was allergic to dogs and broke out in hives.


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3 Responses

  1. John Falk says:

    Much as I love and am devoted not only to my dogs, but all dogs, there is a limit to how dogs should be viewed. Many dog folks think of their dogs as their children; this is especially understandable if they are not parents to human children. However, to those who do have kids, even though their dogs are loved and important, going overboard is really kind of silly. The best advice I can offer is to love your dog as a dog and not as a human.Believe me, your dog will understandand respect his place in the family hirarchy.

  2. 4urpets says:

    I have three Chihuahuas and I refer to myself as their “mommy”. My kids are grown and out of the house and they keep me company and give me a purpose. I blog about them. My children call me the Crazy Chihuahua Lady. But I do treat them like dogs and they are well behaved. So, I am a little nutsy, but that’s alright.

  3. rome says:

    animals are animals….caring for them, keeping them is ok but they cannot be the substitutes of our loved ones who have left home. I find it unfair for the animal as well to be treated like a human being.

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