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Marrying for Love … of Money

According to a survey by Prince & Associates, a
Connecticut-based wealth-research firm, the average “price” that men
and women demand to marry for money these days is $1.5 million.

The survey polled 1,134 people nationwide with incomes
ranging between $30,000 to $60,000 (squarely in the median range for
nationwide incomes). The survey asked: “How willing are you to marry an
average-looking person that you liked, if they had money?”

Fully two-thirds of women and half of the men said they were “very” or
“extremely” willing to marry for money. The answers varied by age:
Women in their 30s were the most likely to say they would marry for
money (74%) while men in their 20s were the least likely (41%).


The Wealth Report –
On a recent episode of “Dirty Sexy Money,” ABC’s soapy drama about the filthy rich, heiress Karen Darling gets married for the fourth time, to a golf pro. Minutes after the ceremony, she decides she wants a divorce, leaving the golfer to wonder about his $3 million guarantee in the pre-nuptial agreement.

“I still get the check, right?” he asks.

“Of course,” Ms. Darling sneers. “I made a vow.”

Marrying for money isn’t just grist for television
plot lines. With the wealth boom creating unprecedented riches — and
greater opportunities for gold-digging by both genders — price-tag
partnerships and checkbook breakups are increasingly making headlines.
Even more surprising, according to a new survey, are the going rates
for today’s mercenary unions.

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