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Kiddies’ Wired Wish Lists

Forget dolls and toy trains; The younger set wants high-tech gadgets.


Kiddies’ Wired Wish Lists –
For the toy industry, the recent spate of recall-related headlines isn’t the only thing to fear this holiday season. A more fundamental concern is the iPhone on six-year-old Hilary Roberts’s wish list.

“She’s not after a doll,” says her father, Scott Roberts, an Internet executive from San Francisco. “There’s not one traditional gift she’s asking for this year. She’s asking: ‘Can I have an iPhone?'”


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One Response

  1. Katy says:

    Enjoyed reading the entries and there is truth to all of them. It is easy to overlook the preschool set and their need–wanting–games too. There are many, many games, toys, puzzles and books, and even science projects to stimulate them and develop skills without using a computer.

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