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Luxury-Car Sellers Put on the Ritz

For dealers that sell the three top luxury brands — Lexus, BMW and
Mercedes — building palace-like showrooms is also just about the only
way to grow. Many of these dealerships offer services such as manicures, coffee bars, massage chairs and other luxurious amenities to draw in super-rich customers.


Luxury-Car Sellers Put on the Ritz –
For many people, a trip to the auto dealer means a mind-numbing hour or two in a plastic chair with some tattered magazines and stale coffee.

But some major auto retailers are starting to change that, at least for buyers and owners of luxury vehicles. In the past year or so, several dealership chains have begun giving their luxury-car showrooms multimillion-dollar makeovers. The goal is to create the look and feel of five-star hotels for customers, increase the dealerships’ car allocations and even make it less likely that rival dealerships will pop up nearby.


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