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New Marketing Style: Clicks and Mortar

Customer reviews are a ripe area for brick-and-mortar retailers. They have proven to be effective sales tools at, eBay and other big sites. Consumers say the testimonials reassure them when buying. It is one of a number of strategies that retailers are borrowing from the Internet these days.


New Marketing Style: Clicks and Mortar –
Among the new features that stores are trotting out this year to help shoppers decide what to buy: testimonials from other customers.

Taking a page from the e-commerce world, companies including Cabela’s and Staples are featuring endorsements from shoppers in their product displays. People who visit one of Cabela’s 26 stores can see a sign for a Texsport combination fan and light. The display includes a “five-star” consumer rating and a July 16 review from AlanK of Kansas City, Mo., who writes: “As someone who does a lot of summertime tent camping, I can’t begin to tell [you] how valuable this little combo is. I hang it over my cot every night and I have a bright reading light and a cool breeze to go with it.”


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