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BMW Launches Site That Welcomes Consumer Input

BMW has set up an interactive Web site where consumers will be able to talk to each other and leave
reviews, ratings and comments. BMW hopes it will be an online
community of enthusiasts, as well as a 360-degree marketing kiosk for
configuring, ordering, buying, and servicing BMW cars.


MediaPost Publications – BMW Launches Site That Welcomes Consumer Input – 12/24/2007
THERE MAY BE 12 DAYS of Christmas and 50 ways to leave your lover, but there are 130 million ways to reconfigure a BMW. The company’s North American arm has launched a new consumer Web site that lets consumers configure a vehicle in highly specific ways. The site also has features that seem more like social-networking sites, with areas that allow consumers to upload videos. The site will also be linked to BMW Assist–which is an in-vehicle telematics and assistance program like GM’s OnStar–and Financial Services.


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One Response

  1. BMW says:

    Great, I will be the first to give them feedback.

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