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Mintel: Cookie Consumption Flat, But Opportunities Abound

Mintel says cookies are under pressure from the proliferation of other sweets,
from ice cream, to candy and cakes, refrigerated dough, baking mixes, frozen
desserts. That means opportunities for cookie makers resemble other markets:
specialization catering to adults. And making cookies more “manly” by adding
large chunks of chocolate or nuts could spur more men to eat them.


MediaPost Publications – Mintel: Cookie Consumption Flat, But Opportunities Abound – 12/24/2007
IF YOU BINGE ON COOKIES after Christmas dinner, chances are it will be on either premium cookies or brands positioned around health. That’s one of the takeaways from Chicago marketing research firm Mintel’s fourth-quarter report on cookies and cookie bars. Although a lot of people eat cookies, Mintel (which, come to think of it, actually sounds like a cookie) says consumption has been flatter than a Mint Thin. Per the consultancy, household consumption of cookies has stayed about the same since 2000.


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