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It’s Official: Consumers Are Sucking It In

While the weather didn’t help, the real villain seems to be the economy. “The
retail numbers leave little doubt that shoppers are in belt-tightening mode,”
TNS Retail Forward says. “No part of retail spending is immune right now. From
stores to online retailers and lower-income to higher-income shoppers, there are
signs of weakness that will persist into 2008.”


MediaPost Publications – It’s Official: Consumers Are Sucking It In – 01/11/2008
RETAILERS TURNED IN DECEMBER SALES reports that were somewhat more disappointing than expected. And experts say the results don’t just sum up a lousy holiday period–they’re predictive of a newly cautious consumer.

Middle-of-the-road department stores were hit hardest, with Kohl’s same-store sales falling 11.4 %, Macy’s sliding 7.9%, and JCPenney dipping 7.5%. Even high-end luxury stores, which have been strong performers, struggled: Nordstrom says its sales fell 4%, and Saks eked out a gain of 0.8%. (Same-store sales at Neiman Marcus posted a 2.9% gain.)

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