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Bringing Up Babies, And Defying the Norm

Demographic data obtained by The Post indicate that in metro areas
nationwide, including cities and suburbs, 13 percent of men and 31
percent of women ages 25 to 29 with four-year college degrees have had
children, according to an analysis of 2000-06 social survey data from
the University of Chicago‘s
National Opinion Research Center. By contrast, 49 percent of men and 62
percent of women in that age group with less education have had
children, according to the analysis by University of Maryland sociologist Steve Martin.


Bringing Up Babies, And Defying the Norm –
In an Alexandria strip mall, Erin Rexroth watched her 21-month-old daughter, Haley, straddle and bounce on a plastic alligator one recent day at the My Gym. Rexroth, 27, stood apart. On the playroom’s other side, older parents chatted with a nanny and a grandmother next to a plastic basketball hoop.

“I don’t feel quite mentally in mom-world,” Rexroth said, glancing at the others. “But you do whatever makes your kids happy. At least the gym doesn’t play annoying kid music all the time.”


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