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Generation Me vs. You Revisited

New research challenges the notion that young Americans are the most self-absorbed.


Generation Me vs. You Revisited – New York Times
IN each of the following pairs, respondents are asked to choose the statement with which they agree more:

a) “I have a natural talent for influencing people”

b) “I am not good at influencing people”

a) “I can read people like a book”

b) “People are sometimes hard to understand”

a) “I am going to be a great person”

b) “I hope I am going to be successful”

are some of the 40 questions on a popular version of the Narcissistic
Personality Inventory. It may seem like a just-for-kicks quiz on par
with “Which Superhero Are You?” but the test is commonly used by social
scientists to measure narcissistic personality traits. (Choosing the
first statement in any of the above pairings would be scored as

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