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Trendspotting: Fashion E-Tailing Gets Personal

Expect companies that continue to try and find fit solutions to do well, even if
bigger companies can’t. “There is definitely a frustration among women that one
size is not the same from brand to brand, and with sizing in general,” says Ciri
Fenzel, of Breathe Retail Consulting, based in Washington, D.C.


MediaPost Publications – Trendspotting: Fashion E-Tailing Gets Personal – 01/21/2008
CUSTOM-MADE CLOTHING USED TO BE reserved for the rich–think pretentious executives craving perfect shirts. Or the unfortunately shaped–picture your local tailor, gently letting out waistbands all around the neighborhood. Or else it is something pursued by slightly zany fashionistas, including all those nonconformist teens arduously gluing tiny crystals to their iPods, cell phones and sneakers.

For the most part, however, every time a mass marketer has tried to reach out to these individualists, it hasn’t exactly caught fire. Burger King may let customers have it their way, but most clothing marketers can’t pull it off.

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One Response

  1. prataap says:

    couldn’t agree with you more…..products that fit an existing market problem espcially around making consumers life efficient will prevail !!

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