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Marketers Ready To Address 45% Of Super Bowl Audience

Experts say there are two reasons behind the switch. The first is the writer’s
strike. “There is nothing else out there,” says one. And even in a good year,
the Super Bowl beats the stuffing out of the Oscars for reaching women. But
also, there is a shift among the types of women watching the game. Baby Boomer
women are a growth audience, with women 55-plus up 25% since 2003.


MediaPost Publications – Marketers Ready To Address 45% Of Super Bowl Audience – 01/22/2008
WHILE A WOMAN-FRIENDLY SUPER BOWL may sound as farfetched as, well, Eli Manning getting a ring, Super Bowl XLII is shaping up to be one of the girliest TV events in some time–and maybe, for some time to come.

At least, big-time marketers think so. Victoria’s Secret, which has been missing on Game Day since 1999, is back this year, using the game to kick off its big Valentine’s Day marketing effort. Procter & Gamble has bought a spot for Tide to Go, a stain remover. And Unilever will use the game to showcase a spot for Sunsilk, a hair-care product aimed at young women.

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