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Tattooed for a Day, Wild for a Night

Mock tattoos are becoming a pop culture staple, cropping up in films
and on the playing field, in advertising campaigns and on the pages of
fashion magazines.


Tattooed for a Day, Wild for a Night – New York Times
LAURA EASTWOOD dropped by Linda Mason’s makeup boutique in SoHo last week, looking to add a bit of sizzle to her look. For a night on the town, she was wearing a strapless Gucci cocktail dress, a relic of the Tom Ford era. She planned to turn up its glamour by having her shoulders stamped with a constellation of press-on tattoos.

To her mind, the fakes are a fashion accessory no more unsettling than
hair extensions or her favorite Dior snakeskin pumps. A temporary
tattoo is “a way, for one night at least, of not looking like everybody
else,” Ms. Eastwood said. She was on her way to dinner at a restaurant
with her daughter, Graylen, 13, whose grandfather is Clint Eastwood.

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