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Overhaul, Make It a Venti

After more than a decade of sensational buzz, Starbucks is struggling
nationwide as it faces slowing sales growth and increased competition.


Overhaul, Make It a Venti – New York Times
KANSAS CITY, Mo.—When a Starbucks moved in next door, the coffee fanatics who run the Broadway Cafe trembled. Sure, they roasted their own beans and served up handmade espresso drinks to a loyal clientele. But would it be enough to fight off a corporate behemoth?

That was nearly 10 years ago, and now the results are in: the Starbucks
is about to shut down. The store had a funereal air the other day as a
handful of loyal customers sipped beverages and jotted goodbye notes in
what amounted to a book of condolences.

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