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New Breed of Celebrity Endorsements –

New Breed of Celebrity Endorsements –

Ms. DeGeneres, already a pitchwoman for American Express Co., will be the new spokeswoman for Halo’s high-end dog and cat products and will look for ways to work the products into her widely watched daytime talk show.

It is an example of the unorthodox marketing agreements that celebrities are increasingly inking with companies. Rather than a straight annual endorsement fee for doing a TV spot or slapping their picture on a magazine ad, some celebrities and athletes look for deals that offer a bigger piece of the action.

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Anheuser Sponsors Ultimate Fighting Championship

Anheuser-Busch is sponsoring the UFC. This sponsorship will give them a lot of exposure to their main target – men 21+.


Anheuser Sponsors Ultimate Fighting Championship – 02/29/2008

ANHEUSER-BUSCH WILL BE THE EXCLUSIVE beer sponsor for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the premiere mixed martial arts organization.

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Study: Agencies ‘Don’t Get’ Social Media

Social media has become as much of a regular occurrence as talking on the phone. The problem, as clients see it, is that agencies don’t have a firm enough grip on how to utilize it effectively for brand communication.


Study: Agencies ‘Don’t Get’ Social Media

Clients are placing more emphasis on mastering social media but find their agencies ill equipped to help them succeed in that space, according to a new survey.

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Discovery Sees ‘Green’ With Emeril Series

Discovery’s new channel – Planet Green has been working hard to ensure a wide audience. The latest news from the eco-friendly station is the addition of a new cooking show starting Emeril. The show, Emeril Green will introduce viewers to the world of healthy meals and fresh ingredients. It will be shot on location at Whole Foods stores around the country.


Discovery Sees ‘Green’ With Emeril Series

Voluble TV chef Emeril Lagasse will kick it up a notch at Discovery Communications’ Planet Green, inking a deal to develop a new series for the eco-friendly startup.

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Corona Concert Series Courts Hispanics

Crown Imports will conduct more
than 100 shows in 50-plus markets under its Hispanic-targeted “Conexion Corona”
concert series this year. Corona Extra, Corona Light and Modelo Especial will
sponsor the events.


Corona Concert Series Courts Hispanics
Crown Imports will conduct more than 100 shows in 50-plus markets under its Hispanic-targeted “Conexion Corona” concert series this year. Corona Extra, Corona Light and Modelo Especial will sponsor the events.

The Corona Extra leg of the concert series begins in September and will feature Alejandro Fernandez, a Latin Grammy Award winner and one of Mexico’s famous crooners of romantic songs, ballads and mariachi favorites. Fernandez has sold more than 20 million records and can boast of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Alcohol Consumption Up In 2007, Group Finds, But Rate Is Slowing

We are seeing a slowdown in people consuming on-premise,” says the Beverage
Information Group’s Eric Schmidt. “When the economy starts to slow down, they
don’t go out as much. What we’re seeing is that they’re not as apt to drink as
much [at home] as before because they can’t replicate [a restaurant] occasion at


MediaPost Publications – Alcohol Consumption Up In 2007, Group Finds, But Rate Is Slowing – 02/28/2008
DOES THE THOUGHT OF A slowing economy make you want to reach for a drink? You’re not alone. The Beverage Information Group says that beer, wine and spirits sales continued to increase last year, although they did so at a slowing rate.

According to the Norwalk, Conn. research company, wine consumption increased 4%, while distilled spirits were up 3.2% and beer rose 1.2%. Distilled spirits sales reached more than 182 million nine-liter cases–their 10th straight year of growth–and wine sales reached 294.4 million cases, growing for the 14th consecutive year. After declining sales in 2005, beer sales continued to recover, reaching 2.93 billion cases.

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Buoyed By Retailers, Sustainable Seafood Is Catch Of The Day

Whole Foods is clearly capitalizing on the buzz, this week announcing the first
certified-sustainable tuna fish to hit the market. Sold under the brand name
American Tuna, the fish is produced by the American Albacore Fishing
Association, which consists of 21 family-owned boats in the Northwestern U.S.


MediaPost Publications – Buoyed By Retailers, Sustainable Seafood Is Catch Of The Day – 02/28/2008
THERE’S A NEW CATCHPHRASE FLOPPING on the deck of fishing boats these days: Sustainability.

“It was everywhere at the International Boston Seafood Show this week,” says Mary Larkin, VP of seafood expositions for Diversified Business Communications, the Portland, Maine-based company which runs the show. “It certainly has been around and building momentum for a few years,” she says. But this year, a lecture on sustainability “was standing room only, and companies are marketing sustainability in a way they haven’t before-it is the buzzword of the industry right now.”

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Will Ferrell smells good to Old Spice

Will Ferrell, one of the most tireless–some would say shameless–promoters on Hollywood’s A-list, stars in a series of jocular TV spots pitching Procter & Gamble’s newest addition to the Old Spice product line, Pro Strength antiperspirant. The spots help raise the profile of Farrell’s R-rated “Semi-Pro,” while reaching the young male consumers P&G covets.

The actor ad-libbed much of the material in the eight ads during a daylong shoot, signing off with such politically incorrect tag lines as “Don’t smell like a turtle cage” and “The finest street-legal antiperspirant you can get outside of Mexico that’s not poisonous.”

The campaign is the latest move aimed at reinvigorating the Old Spice brand. P&G has reached out to younger males with grass-roots marketing, replacing the clipper ship on the cologne bottle with a sleek racing yacht and adding product lines such as High Endurance and Red Zone. “What was a sleepy brand has become a fantastic growth story,” says
James Moorhead, Old Spice brand manager.


Will Ferrell smells good to Old Spice – Los Angeles Times
The pitchman calls himself Jackie Moon, but he is unmistakably Will Ferrell in character as the 1970s basketball player from his upcoming comedy “Semi-Pro,” complete with Afro, headband and short shorts.

Everyone sweats six liters a day, he explains, glowering into the camera from a locker room.

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Consumers cut back on small pleasures

Consumer confidence plummeted in February to its lowest since February
2003, which was just before the U.S. invaded Iraq. The Conference
Board’s much-watched index of consumer confidence fell to 75 from 87.3
in January, the group reports. Most consumers actually feel more pain from small cuts than from
big ones. You miss your daily java jolt a lot more than, say, a new car
you’d only hoped to buy sometime this year.

Consumers cut back on small pleasures –
Jason Jepson works for a chi-chi yacht dealer in Newport Beach, Calif., but he’s so worried about the economy he stopped buying $1.79 PowerBars at his gym.

Richmond, Va., legal secretary Angela Harris is passing up her beloved $3.46 Iced Mocha Latte at Starbucks (SBUX).

William Muckelroy II, a research director from
Eagle, Idaho, now carries a bottle of tap water instead of buying $1.29
bottles of Evian at Walgreens (WAG).

Such small luxuries seemed almost necessities in
happier economic times. But no more for lots of folks, including those
and other USA TODAY readers who described how they’ve changed their

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Consumer Confidence Hits 15-Year-Low, Hurts Results

When confidence falls, the first thing that goes is discretionary spending, and
that can mean dining out, going to the movies, and it can also mean shopping, according the Conference Board, plus, retailers also have more
competition for that spending, in the form of higher prices at the pump and for


MediaPost Publications – Consumer Confidence Hits 15-Year-Low, Hurts Results – 02/27/2008
CONSUMER CONFIDENCE TOOK A NOSEDIVE in February, falling to its lowest level in 15 years, reports the Conference Board. And, as if to underscore just how concerned consumers are, a number of leading retailers posted results dotted with the kinds of adjectives that CEOs dread: Difficult. Disappointing. Challenging.

The Consumer Confidence Index, which had also fallen a bit in January, dropped to 75, from 87.3 last month, its lowest level since November 1993, when it hit 71.9. (One exception, the Conference Board says, is the beginning of the Iraq War in 2003.)

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