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Cuervo Tequila Breaking ‘Social Responsibility’ Campaign

“We wanted to show this understanding that social responsibility is intrinsic to
the Mexican American experience and way of life,” says the brand director, who
describes social responsibility as a Mexican trait portrayed by family, hard
work, community and the responsible consumption of alcohol. “They are linked
together and we, as a beverage alcohol firm, want to promote the fact that it’s
all wrapped up.”


MediaPost Publications – Cuervo Tequila Breaking ‘Social Responsibility’ Campaign – 02/01/2008
WITH THE USA-MEXICO SOCCER MATCH coming up on Wednesday, now is the time to launch a campaign for tequila, no? That’s exactly what Jose Cuervo Tradicional is doing, with new TV spots centered on the Mexican culture of “social responsibility.”

The message will be carried by three-time World Cup participant Alberto Garcia Aspe, who has signed on as the brand’s spokesperson, to the multi-generational Mexican consumer.

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