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A Severed Car Grille? It’s Super Bowl Ad Time

An assessment of some of the high and low points among this year’s Super Bowl ads.

What ads do you think worked, and which ones do you think didn’t work?


A Severed Car Grille? It’s Super Bowl Ad Time – New York Times
WINK-WINK, nudge-nudge.

Many commercials that appeared during Super Bowl
XLII took a satiric tack, spoofing movies, television shows, video
clips, celebrity misbehavior and more. A typical though entertaining
cast of characters — animals, babies, pop stars — all made their
appearances, lending a lighthearted spirit to the annual festivities.

the most part, it worked. The tone was a welcome contrast to the angry,
off-putting tenor of too many spots in last year’s Super Bowl, which
were filled with crude and cartoonish violence. Although some sponsors
decided to play it straight — with decidedly mixed results — the
pervasive atmosphere was one of good-natured humor, of a type that
seemed to elevate the night’s proceedings.

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