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Look For Ethnic Comestibles To Find Way Into American Hands

Food trends are moving from the ethnic fringe to the mainstream at an
ever-increasing pace. “The general American’s knowledge of food has increased
exponentially,” says a Center for Culinary Development trendologist. “Immigrants
are landing everywhere. Things are moving faster than they were 10 or 15 years


MediaPost Publications – Look For Ethnic Comestibles To Find Way Into American Hands – 02/05/2008
AMERICANS MAY BE THE KINGS and queens of hand-held foods – burgers, sandwiches, pizza – but their tastes will be increasingly fed by more international cuisines, according to new research from the Center for Culinary Development (CCD).

According to the CCD’s most-recent “Culinary Trend Mapping” report (published jointly with Packaged Facts), Americans are likely to move toward seeking out and eating hand-held foods that have more of an ethnic flair, in part as a reflection of a diversifying culture. The trends, which include fare such as Indian dosas, Chinese baos and Latin American empanadas, are starting to emerge in urban areas and university cafeterias, says CCD trendologist Kara Nielsen.

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