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Scrooge, Cupid Hook Up As Recession Bites Romance

Only 61% of men plan to buy a card, for example, compared with 69% last year,
and only 40% will buy candy, compared with 44% last year. Flowers and
perfume–also V-Day standbys–both came in flat, at 49% and 6%, respectively. A
few smaller categories registered slight gains, including fine jewelry (12%,
compared with 10% from last year), lingerie (8%, compared to 6% from last year),
and clothing, up to 7% from 5% last year.


MediaPost Publications – Scrooge, Cupid Hook Up As Recession Bites Romance – 02/11/2008
A NEW SURVEY SHOWS THAT while many retailers are hoping Valentine’s Day might provide a much-needed sales spark, consumer spending may well be more frugal than passionate.

While men say they are planning to spend a little more than last year —$95 compared to $92 in 2007–women are cutting back, and say they intend to plan to spend just $67, compared with $74 last year, reports TNS Retail Forward, a consulting group in Columbus, Ohio.

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