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The Consumer Lab is the consumer insights and brand strategy group at Alcone Marketing Group, a consumer activation company.

Couch to Supermarket: Connecting Dots –

Websites have done a lot with tracking people’s interests with the sites they visit and the purchases they make. Because of this fact, they have quite a leg up in the information sector when compared to TV advertising. Now, a new media research company – TRA is attempting to solve this issue with cable boxes that measure viewership and matching that data with purchase data from grocery-store chains.

Couch to Supermarket: Connecting Dots –

Web marketers can easily tell whether a particular consumer visited a specific site, when she visited, and whether she bought something. But despite a decades-long head start, television advertisers haven’t been as successful connecting the shows people watch to the products they buy.

Now a new media research company, TRA — for “True ROI Accountability for Media” — is taking another crack at the problem. It merges data from people’s cable set-top boxes with consumer-purchase databases, such as the information stores gather from frequent-shopper cards. For instance, a company could see whether households that watched an ad for its toothpaste later bought that brand of toothpaste.

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