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Generation MySpace Is Getting Fed Up

People are quitting their social networks – places that they have spent so much time finding and catching up with old friends, finding music and in some cases meeting new people. Usage rates are declining – and people are asking why. One theory is that the overabundance of advertising is turning users off and inspiring them to find more grassroots sites to play on.

Generation MySpace Is Getting Fed Up

Social networking was supposed to be the Next Big Thing on the Internet. MySpace, Facebook, and other sites have been attracting millions of new users, building sprawling sites that companies are banking on to trigger an online advertising boom. Trouble is, the boom isn’t booming anymore. Like Heritage, many people are spending less time on social networking sites or signing off altogether.

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  1. toksee says:

    One of the issues is that there are just too many social networks out there – it seems there are new ones springing up daily. If we want to use this as an effective means to communication, we are going to need a cross platform communication tool to help us aggregate all of our networks.

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