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Consumers cut back on small pleasures

Consumer confidence plummeted in February to its lowest since February
2003, which was just before the U.S. invaded Iraq. The Conference
Board’s much-watched index of consumer confidence fell to 75 from 87.3
in January, the group reports. Most consumers actually feel more pain from small cuts than from
big ones. You miss your daily java jolt a lot more than, say, a new car
you’d only hoped to buy sometime this year.

Consumers cut back on small pleasures –
Jason Jepson works for a chi-chi yacht dealer in Newport Beach, Calif., but he’s so worried about the economy he stopped buying $1.79 PowerBars at his gym.

Richmond, Va., legal secretary Angela Harris is passing up her beloved $3.46 Iced Mocha Latte at Starbucks (SBUX).

William Muckelroy II, a research director from
Eagle, Idaho, now carries a bottle of tap water instead of buying $1.29
bottles of Evian at Walgreens (WAG).

Such small luxuries seemed almost necessities in
happier economic times. But no more for lots of folks, including those
and other USA TODAY readers who described how they’ve changed their


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