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Alcohol Consumption Up In 2007, Group Finds, But Rate Is Slowing

We are seeing a slowdown in people consuming on-premise,” says the Beverage
Information Group’s Eric Schmidt. “When the economy starts to slow down, they
don’t go out as much. What we’re seeing is that they’re not as apt to drink as
much [at home] as before because they can’t replicate [a restaurant] occasion at


MediaPost Publications – Alcohol Consumption Up In 2007, Group Finds, But Rate Is Slowing – 02/28/2008
DOES THE THOUGHT OF A slowing economy make you want to reach for a drink? You’re not alone. The Beverage Information Group says that beer, wine and spirits sales continued to increase last year, although they did so at a slowing rate.

According to the Norwalk, Conn. research company, wine consumption increased 4%, while distilled spirits were up 3.2% and beer rose 1.2%. Distilled spirits sales reached more than 182 million nine-liter cases–their 10th straight year of growth–and wine sales reached 294.4 million cases, growing for the 14th consecutive year. After declining sales in 2005, beer sales continued to recover, reaching 2.93 billion cases.


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