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Buoyed By Retailers, Sustainable Seafood Is Catch Of The Day

Whole Foods is clearly capitalizing on the buzz, this week announcing the first
certified-sustainable tuna fish to hit the market. Sold under the brand name
American Tuna, the fish is produced by the American Albacore Fishing
Association, which consists of 21 family-owned boats in the Northwestern U.S.


MediaPost Publications – Buoyed By Retailers, Sustainable Seafood Is Catch Of The Day – 02/28/2008
THERE’S A NEW CATCHPHRASE FLOPPING on the deck of fishing boats these days: Sustainability.

“It was everywhere at the International Boston Seafood Show this week,” says Mary Larkin, VP of seafood expositions for Diversified Business Communications, the Portland, Maine-based company which runs the show. “It certainly has been around and building momentum for a few years,” she says. But this year, a lecture on sustainability “was standing room only, and companies are marketing sustainability in a way they haven’t before-it is the buzzword of the industry right now.”


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